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The Swedish Association for Water

We are a non-political and non-governmental association that works to promote proper management and care of water resources and to promote the aquatic environment. The focus of this national association is to increase competence and cooperation with other water-related organizations both nationally and internationally. Our members typically work in municipalities, national and regional authorities, research institutes, consultancy companies, in industry or as contractors.

The association’s most important tasks are to arrange meetings that include lectures, discussions, exhibitions, mingling and study visits. This is how we work to educate and increase competence, and facilitate cooperation and exchange experiences with other associations in Sweden and abroad. Four times a year, the association publishes the journal VATTEN – Journal of Water Management and Research.

Communication within the association are largely in Swedish, while some lectures during seminars and other events are given in English. Please take a look at the program or contact the organizer for more information regarding individual events. Many papers in the journal VATTEN are written in English.

Association for Water

A place to meet

Meet colleagues with a passion for water


Through the association, you can build a strong and broad network


Within the association, these is an impressive and diverse expertise. We gather and disseminate knowledge in our journal and through our events.


The Swedish Association for Water gives you room for personal and professional development. Together we can meet the challenges of the future! 

Spread your knowledge!

  • Reach out directly and quickly to Swedish water experts
  • Minimal effort – from a few hours of work
  • The editors arrange a professional layout
  • Free and with worldwide distribution (in print hard copies and open access online)

Send your article or idea to the editor: You can read more about how to write under Instructions for authors. 

Journal of Water Management and Research (VATTEN) has 4 issues per year (normally 15 March, 15 June, 15 October and 15 December). Read the latest issue!

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